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What We Do

The loss of a dear one can never be compensated for. Death is inevitable and cruel. However, one can always plan, so that those who are left behind can live a good life, even after one’s own death. This is precisely where we come in! We offer one of the top-rated life insurance in Texas

Our Texas life insurance policy has been designed to provide maximum coverage to your family, near and dear ones in the event of a tragedy. Even more, getting a claim, in that case, is easy, with minimal formalities and paperwork. 

Why Life Insurance?

  • Comprehensive financial support to your family after you
  • Option to decide beneficiaries who will get the death benefit after you
  • Special provisions to take care of your children’s education and related expenses
  • Tax-saving benefits for the money spent on life-insurance premium
  • The peace of mind knowing that your family will be taken care of, even after your death

Who Needs Life Insurance?

Whether you are a working individual or a business owner, life insurance from a top Texas life insurance company is necessary for every individual. To put it straight, you most definitely need life insurance, if:
  • You have a family with limited income sources and little savings
  • You are the single earning member of your family
  • You are frequently involved in hazardous work with a high risk-factor
  • You are young and are just starting off a career/ planning a family

What are the different types of Life insurance?

Term insurance plan

One of the most popular life insurance in Texas, term life insurance, as its name suggests, is meant for a fixed term which can be of 10, 20, 40 years, and so on. However, this policy turns fruitful only if the insured event occurs within the term of the insurance, and do not have any maturity value or benefits. 

Whole Life Policy

Unlike term life insurance, the whole life insurance policy extends to the entire life of the policyholder, and offers survival benefit after a certain age bracket. Further, it has beneficial options like partial sum withdrawal, and loan against the policy. In other words, the whole life insurance in Texas is a complete package.

Endowment policy

The endowment policy is a tweaked version of the term life insurance. This policy has the added benefit that the policyholder receives a certain pre-decided amount if he or she survives up until the maturity date of the policy. Consequently, it is a little costlier as compared to term life insurance. 

Unit Linked Insurance Plan

The unit-linked insurance planned helps you create and grow your wealth simultaneously while also getting an adequate life insurance cover. In this policy, a part of the insurance premium paid by you goes to provide you the insurance cover, while the other part is invested for the purpose of building wealth. You can withdraw a partial amount after the date of the maturity of the policy.  

Money Back Policy

The money-back policy is in many ways similar to the endowment policy, except for the fact that in this kind of policy, your survival benefit is not a one-time lump sum amount, but is distributed over the term of the policy.  

Annuity/ Pension Plan

The annuity or pension policy offers you a means of livelihood towards the later years of your life. The amount collected as the policy premium comes back to you in the form of monthly pension or annuity after a certain years of age. 

Why Choose us?

  • Thoughtfully designed and well-structured life insurance in Texas
  • A simplified and convenient insurance application process
  • Complete customer support to help you choose the best policy as per your needs
  • Easy insurance claims and minimal formalities
  • Customers’ trust and unmatched credibility in the market
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